Vistancia Orthodontics - Sleep Apnea Treatment

Signs of Sleep Apnea

• Snoring that may disrupt the sleep of others
• Gasping, coughing or choking upon waking
• Waking with your heart racing
• Waking up tired after a full night’s sleep
• Waking up with a headache
• Feeling very sleepy during the day
• Falling asleep without intending to
• Problems with memory or concentration
• Feeling irritable or short-tempered
• Weight gain, inability to lose weight
• Acid Reflux in adults
• AD/HD in children
• TMJ problems / teeth grinding

Snoring: A Sign of Airway Obstruction

Snoring is more than just an annoyance. It is an indication of the onset or existence of some type of airway obstruction. This means that the airway of those who snore is partially blocked during sleep.

As a person falls asleep, the tissues of the back of the throat relax. These relaxed tissues vibrate as air passes, making a snoring sound. If allowed to continue, the repetitive vibration will cause the tissue to grow and swell, further obstructing an already compromised opening. The vibration of snoring can contribute to other serious vascular problems such as blockages in the arteries of the neck that carry blood to the brain. Snoring should not be ignored.

Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome

The next level of airway obstruction is Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome. UARS is accompanied by gastroesophagel reflux, asthma, depression and is frequently found in women.